Selling a Domain

No, not this one! But, is for sale.

I’m doing an experiment using Sedo, a domain parking & selling service. I was looking for a means to dispose of, since I’m not actively selling real estate in the Chattanooga area, and I had registered the domain for 5+ years (expires in 2010). I am a licensed real estate agent in Tennessee, but my next venture in real estate will not be here.

After a little research I found Sedo was one of the market leaders in both domain resale & ‘parking for profit.’ I hadn’t thought of doing that in the past, but I had certainly run across pages like that. So, I decided to give it a try. It’s simple as delegating your DNS name servers to point at their servers and filling out some information. They produce an automated page that not only has your offer to sell on it, but related Google Adsense ads that produce income for you as well as Sedo. They also provide domain transfer & escrow services.

If you’ve got a domain you would like to sell, try Sedo… it’s free! You only pay a 10% commission on the sale as long as you park the site with them as well. If you don’t, there is a minimum commission applied of $50.

I’ll post in the future on how my results are. If you have had previous experience selling a domain, with Sedo or someone else, please leave a comment describing your experience.

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