Top 5 Posts — plus a Bonus!

Well, I’ve just finished reviewing another ten great postings! I think Darren over at ProBlogger should be very proud of the quality he has inspired in his readers for the Group Writing Project. I don’t think I’ve seen a dog in the bunch! I’ve got those special links for you of my next top 10, but first here are the links back each individual day’s postings, including the fianl day four:

  • Day One: Total posts, 132; I want to read 38!
  • Day Two: Total posts, 242; My picks, 80!
  • Day Three: Total posts, 222; I chose 74
  • Day Four: Total Posts, 297! OK, I haven’t gone through this one yet… I’m still catching my breath!

For a total of 893 entries! Wow! It’s a good thing he was picking a winner by using random numbers…

My Top 10 of the Day

That is a great selection and I’ve added several to my feed reader. And had to start clearing out a few pieces of dead wood to make room!

Plus One Bonus

While checking out the links for  Top 5  GTD Computer Tools at Daily Iteration, I came across a comment by Kim Roach with a link to her posting of  50 Essential GTD Resources! That’s an awesome post and a lot of work to create! Thanks Kim!