Life.. and Getting Started

As the first post of 100, I’d like to offer that Life sometimes is difficult. Duh!

As I had planned on starting this list of 100 thoughts to improve your life over a month ago, I can truly understand how life does get in the way. But, most of the time, the only block is in your head! You need something to get you started. You would not have decided to do anything if you did not realistically think that it was possible… but, still you are held back from starting.

While every situation is different, the key is discovering the block and working through it. Most people have heard of writer’s block, and it is very similar and can be applied to many situations. The problem usually resides in your environment, not in your head!

We have all probably experienced the situation where you procrastinate by doing other things. Well, sometimes doing those other things first is necessary, and not just a way to delay. However, the trick is discovering the right things to do first!

It may not be easy, but explore your space or environment and see if there is anything that is obviously bothering you. Sometimes these things only exist in your head–as were mine! While I blamed it on my workspace/environment, and I found that it was really some personal issues that I had been avoiding dealing with that was holding me back. While they are not 100% resolved–it takes time to walk back out of the woods when you are lost–I have made the first steps in resolving them which has allowed me to move forward on this project.

Do some soul searching and discover within yourself what is really holding you back. Then you can get ahead on that big project you really want to do!

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  1. congratulations on getting started! tho, really, it sounds as tho you got started long ago. it just took some time to manifest this first post.
    looking forward to more.

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