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In developing a theme for this blog, I have been building around the different technologies & techniques that contribute to best practice web site management. Here I will outline the various areas that need to be addressed when managing a web site, and as I develop posts that address them, I will link to them.

Please feel free to comment and contribute other topical areas of interest that you feel should be covered under this umbrella of web site management.

Domain Names
The name used for a web site as it appears in a browser address. Buying, Selling, and managing.
Domain Name Services (DNS)
The service that translates a domain name & web host name into an IP number in order to be accessible over the Internet. Management, services & doing your own.
Web Hosting
The server that contains the content of a web site. Shared, Dedicated, Managed and Grid.
Email Hosting
Commonly provided with web hosting in order to use the same domain name for email. Same host or dedicated provider. Mailing list management.
Content Management
How content of the site is updated and edited. Static files, blog systems, portals, custom content management systems (CMS).
Site Monitoring
Proving to your clients your reliability requires records and third-party validation. Service monitoring, outage tracking & alerting of problems to responsible staff.
Logging & Statistics
Who is visiting your site. Analysis of your server logs gives a lot of information that is useful to marketers, as well as for optimizing your site.
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO / SEM)
An amalgamation of the techniques above, including log analysis since that tells you how people are getting to your site & content management since you can optimize your results by how you write your content.

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