Redesign Update

I’ve been working on finalizing the new template tonight. I’ve got all the secondary pages (archives, blogroll, about) updated to use the new design. Simple really, just add a new CSS class where it belongs, and all is done naturally! That is the way CSS should be used. Of course, I created some new template pages, one as a customized archives page with a few tweaks, and I decided to move the blogroll to it’s own page. It was just too long for the sidebar. I do plan on shortening it… I can’t keep up with them all now!

This leaves me more room in the sidebar for other ‘toys’, or affiliate marketing links. I might make a ‘top 5 of the week’ selection of blogs that make the slot with extra promotion. Lots of opportunity now that I have the space.I’m not sure everyone will like my color palette choice, as it is a departure from most sites I see with lighter palettes or midrange brighter colors. I know I didn’t want black, but I wanted something ‘earthy’ to go with the header photo. I was also considering a deep blue theme.

This pass was more about getting into the architecture of WordPress and seeing what is possible at the simple level. Once I have it live, I can describe some of the details on how things were done. With the primary arrangement complete, I can tweak as I find it necessary. Us techies can’t keep our hands off the engine…  But, this is my ‘daily driver’ too, so I don’t want to wreck it! Came close earlier tonight on the development box… my screen went solid green! More about that when we get back to the program. Hope to take this live over the weekend.