Creating a WordPress Theme – Part 5

Just a quick update on the template progress… I’m working on using CSS to create rounded corner effects on backgrounds that will be used for the sidebar & posts. I got the basic concept from many places, but Adam Kalsey has a good post on the Rounded Corners in CSS technique. Here’s an in-progress snapshot of what I’ve got so far:

[image no longer available.]

Notice the rounded corners on the sidebar background. It looks pretty good here in a low-res snapshot, but I’m tweaking a single pixel border that doesn’t want to cooperate in the right combination with the graphics. It has to be positioned to appear along the top border, between the graphics (there are individual graphics for each of the rounded corners), but not extend out the full width of the enclosing div. I’m trying to avoid using a full-width image to accomplish this.

There is a similar setup at the bottom of the column, however, while I was working on the top, the bottom disappeared! I think it is being covered up by the background of the sidebar, though it shouldn’t be doing that. I’m focusing on one end at a time, and learning more about editing graphics at the pixel level as I go! I plan on using something similar for the separation of the tabs too.