CSS Editing Trials, Tribulations & Tools

While working on the new template this weekend, I was having problems with getting the sidebar to do what I asked. Come to find out, there was another section of the CSS file that contained additional information for the #sidebar style. Argh! While I generally liked the concept of separating the different sections of the stock WordPress CSS file for editing, I’ve decided after this, that I really don’t like it. My general policy is to keep related items close together as possible, with all the applicable sections in one definition when I can.

When I complete the design, I am planning on removing all unused definitions for clarity. I thought the idea of starting with the base CSS was a good idea, but, I’ve clearly had second thoughts on that! It’s probably a case where if you wrote it yourself, it might make sense, because you would know it well. However, when using someone else’s code as a starting point, it doesn’t work as well. We all have our own ways of doing things, no one way is right and the other wrong–just different.

While I’m here, I wanted to point you to one of my favorite tools for editing & validating CSS: TopStyle by Stefan van As, formerly BradSoft & NewsGator Technologies. Sorry, it’s for Windows users only. The y are also the creators of the NewsGator & FeedDemon news readers & RSS aggregators.