K2 Theme Updated to SVN

I figured out that the last released version of the K2 theme I’m using, doesn’t support WordPress 2.1.2 very well. Little things here and there weren’t quite right. I downloaded r323 from the K2 subversion repository, and it fixes the obvious problems. I’m also getting reacquainted with configuring K2’s options. However, at the moment, I can’t get the side bar category module to show the blogroll. I know it’s just a matter of selecting the ‘blogroll’ category, but I can’t find it. Hmmm, OK, that’s true. However, I just realized while typing this that I’ve been confusing that function with the ‘category list’ module. That’s obviously not the right module to customize! Blogroll is a category! I guess the module for a blogroll hasn’t been developed. I’ll do a little more hunting, then maybe I’ll make my own…

If you are not familiar with using Subversion to get the most up-to-date code, I’ll be doing a follow-up entry describing the process. Right now, I’m focusing on getting all the options in place, and developing the design for the site. Then I can get into more detail on the how-to!

Update: After the above realization, went back and look at the blogroll management in WordPress and realized while there is a relationship to categories, they actually call them ‘links’. In the K2 modules, there is one for ‘link list’… so, adding that did the job!