Smooth Sailing at Media Temple

I was getting my feeds redirected through FeedBurner tonight & claiming my blog over at Technorati and did a quick search on ‘Media Temple’ and came across a post at Derek Davis’ The Journal that I commented on about all the fuss over Media Temple. Neither of us understand it. As I mentioned previously, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. I forgot to mention it in my post at Derek’s, but I think that it is just a case of the few that have the problems being ‘louder’ and speaking out. I can understand that to a certain extent, but I’m more about keeping my problems quiet, not blaming anyone, and just working it out. That’s how I ended up at (mt)! My previous host, who will rename nameless as they did serve me well for years, just wasn’t offering me the tools and support I wanted. So, I started searching for someone that could do so for a reasonable price. Media Temple met my qualifications, and then some. See my comments at Derek’s again regarding their world-class data center.