Stay the Course

Stay the course, light a star,
Change the world where’er you are. ~Richard Le Gallienne

Making changes in your life is very difficult. We are all creatures of habit, and habits are hard to change. If you are having difficulty making changes, you may need to create a support sytem for yourself while you are in transition.

Support systems can come in many forms, but among the best is creating some method of accountabilty for yourself. Here are a few examples of possible techniques:

  • Create a calendar or schedule that you post and log your change progress
  • Ask a spouse or close friend to check-in with you on your progress to provide support
  • Get a buddy that is a partner in progress–you provide accountability for them, while they do the same for you
  • Hire a coach

The key factor here is to provide support & understanding while you are making major changes. While the calendar or schedule gives self-check on your progress, someone to talk with will give you an outlet to discuss the challenges of making changes, and perhaps give you some outside objective views on what might be holding you back.