Rebirth of a Blog

Welcome to the first entry after a long hiatus and change in perspective. Formerly known as “Chasing a Dream – Web Site Best Practices for Entrepreneurial Soloists and Small Businesses”, this blog is undergoing a redesign and rebirth in order to support my new focus on Personal Coaching.

Since the last post in this blog, much has occurred in my life, including a move to just outside Boulder, Colorado, USA & going independent with my career–and not in IT! That’s probably what will catch most old friends eyes! having worked with computers in one way or another for over 25 years, I’ve decided I’m now going to focus on them as a tool, rather than the center of my life! I still have those sharp skills though, and hope to use them to help others when I can. I’m currently in a one year consulting contract with my former employer, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), to assist them in supporting the systems I had previously developed while there.

My main focus now is developing my Coaching & Speaking activities. I’ve left the older content of this blog in place, as it may be of use to people still, and it gives the reader a sense of my background and experience in web development.