We must have passion. Be it for our work or in our relationships. Without it, we have no inspiration to drive us forward. I have been searching for mine, for a long time. I’m about to make a major change in my life in order to further my search for my personal passion. You must find yours if you wish to be successful in life… in LIFE, not just business. Your business may be a major part of your life, but don’t let it become too much. Remember your family, your friends and your loves. People come first.

This morning, I was reading Mike Sansone’s latest Dialing 8 post, and was led to reading some wonderful work of Kammie Kobyleski’s Passion Meets Purpose blog. The first post I happened to read was, The Search for Passion & Purpose. Kammie tells us how we should live life passionately. I don’t want to give it away, but the fourth paragraph of her post hit home for me. But, as an insight, she tells us, “To live out loud and play full out!” Many of us in business don’t play enough! We need to remember the child we once were…

Posts may be light for the next few days. Tomorrow I’m listing my home for sale, and I still have things to do to get it ready.

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  1. Dan~

    Thanks for higlighting my blog being featuring at Mike’s place. He’s so cool for doing that, and I’m glad you dig the message too…looks like you’re doing jsut fine over here living passionately and ON purpose! Thanks again…

    Stay passionate,

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