More Top 5’s and a Few Fans

I need to get back to the real subject here, but I will continue to spread out my Top 5 selections over the coming weeks.

I need to explicitly give thanks to a couple sites that have included me in their Top of the Top 5 postings:

  • John Crickett’s Top 5s – Blog Posts About Business, where he categorizes all the business related selections. John also gave me a great idea which I’ve passed on to Darren Rowse… include a category field in the submission form next time he does a group writing project.
  • Joe Rawlinson’s post, Weekend Reading – May 12th is another great selection of business oriented posts. Hey! These selections are turning out to be on-topic for this blog… funny how that works!
  • Darlene McDaniel’s guest post, Top 5 Writing Project – Good Stuff! at Small Business Boomers, another small business oriented blog, lists her selection of posts focusing on blogging resources for small business. Darlene’s own blog, Tough Questions? Great Answers! is also another great resource. I see it’s a member of the b5Media Business Channel… Guess I’ll have to check that out, as should you!

Here are five more of my favorite selections:

Back to business tomorrow…

3 Replies to “More Top 5’s and a Few Fans”

  1. Thanks for visiting Tough Questions? Great Answers! I look forward to getting to know you. I will be checking out your blog regularly.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and choosing my post. Glad to see your jump in technorati rank, I think many people have benefited from the GWP

  3. The question is… will the jump at Technorati last? I always wonder how things like this are calculated… if it’s an all-time total it’s one thing. If it’s based on links per some time period… it will fluctuate until I reach my level of achievement. 🙂

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