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Well, Darren’s had a great turnout for the ProBlogger Group Writing project! After reviewing the list of posts for the first three days, here’s the counts for the one’s I want to check out:

Day One: Total posts, 132; I want to read 38! That’s 29% of all the posts! I’ve made it through the first ten… check below.

Day Two: Total posts, 242; My picks, 80! That’s over 33%!!! Unbelievable…

Day Three: Total posts, 222; I chose 74… for exactly one-third!

I won’t be out of reading material for a long time… I saved the full lists to a separate file on my hard drive so I can load it in my browser and hop to them as I get a chance to review.  Several people have been giving me trackbacks from reposting the entire list to their site, however, I don’t agree with that technique. In general, that is called ‘link farming’ and can get you banned from search engines. There were only a couple, so I went ahead and approved them for now. Though they are subject to review.

My intention is to post only the links I’ve actaully visited and liked! I think that will give you a better filter to choose from. While there are a lot of high quality posts, they aren’t all the same level. However, while I’ve picked a diverse selection of subjects, I suggest you go back to the horse’s mouth links above to get the full lists. There might be others that you are interested in, that I was not.

Today’s Review

I was able to get through ten posts today, after compiling the overall list and selecting my favorites from the first three days. Here they are:

That should keep you reading for a while… I focused on just checking out ther Top 5 posts… if I had started exploring all the archives, I’d never get this written! But, I’ll be back…

3 Replies to “Top 5 Postings”

  1. Hey Thanks for visiting and thank you also for the link! I really need to get the trackback working on my blog, well I actually have to code it first 😉

    You’ve got a good top 5 sites listed there, they are ones I too also took a look through on problogger’s website!

  2. Your welcome, Tyler. Any blogger / coder out there should keep an eye on what you are doing! Building your own blog from scratch is an awesome project!

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